10 November 2016

The Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges met for their 116th meeting on Thursday 10 November, 2016 at the Royal Australia and New Zealand of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Melbourne. The meeting was chaired by Professor Nicholas Talley.

Reports were received from the Australian Medical Council, Australian Department of Health, National Health and Medical Research Council, Medical Board of Australia and Australian Health Practitioner’s Regulation Agency, Australian Indigenous Doctor’s Association, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, The Australian Medical Association, Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand, and the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils. The members welcomed the attendance of the Chief Executive, Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, as well as all College Chief Executives and guests.

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer addressed the forum and confirmed the already existing positive interactions which existed between Colleges and the Australian Government. Professor Murphy discussed the issue of continuity of the Specialist Training Program and confirmed the consultation process anticipated by government for the period leading into 2018.

The Medical Board of Australia engaged in discussion with Colleges on the topic of revalidation for medical practitioners and agreed to convene a forum to discuss specific issues; while also responding to queries in relation to regulation as it applied to specialist qualifications.

The Forum received an address from the President of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Michael Gannon concerning their specific issues in relation to advocacy, policy and government relations.

Dr Kali Hayward, President, Australian Indigenous Doctors Association addressed the Forum noting the attendance by the Colleges at AIDA 2016 in Cairns and the engagement with Indigenous doctors. Dr Hayward also commended the approach having been taken to the establishment of a common Collaboration Forum which will connect AIDA with CPMC as co-Chairs, adding the Deans and CPMEC to achieve the common goals of growing Indigenous doctors to serve their own and the broader Australian community.

Professor Villis Marshall, chair of the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Health Care addressed the Forum and spoke to the organisation’s report, noting the revision of the Atlas of Variation and the revision of the standards.

Professor Nicholas Glasgow, President Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand addressed the Forum noting the report having been submitted. The Medical Deans position in relation to the addition of new medical schools at the JCU and Macquarie were noted. Professor Talley congratulated Professor Glasgow on completion of his term as President.

A report from the Confederation of Presidents of Medical Education Councils was received from Professor Richard Tarala noting their recent Annual General Meeting and issues associated with the training and management of pre-vocational doctors.

At the Annual General Meeting members approved the change to the company name, as Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges.

—Authorised by Professor Talley—