18 February 2015

College Presidents met in Sydney on Thursday 18th February 2015 for the 109th meeting.

The Chair welcomed Dr Derek Sherwood, Chair, Council of Medical Colleges, New Zealand and Ms Sue Ineson, Chief Executive, to the meeting. He noted the apology of Dr Tammy Kimpton and welcomed her representative Dr Kali Hayward, Vice-President, Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association. Members noted this was the final meeting for the Chief Executive, National Health & Medical Research Council, Professor Warwick Andersen.

The Chair reported on the submission to the Medical Board of Australia of the CPMC workshop report on the concept of revalidation for doctors in Australia. The Chair noted the Rural Health Continuing Education sub-program had been continued with funding until December, 2015 and applications for Funding Round 7 had been received.

Reports were received from Forum participants.

The Australian Medical Council advised of the re-election of Professor Robin Mortimer as President, and Associate Professor Jill Sewell as Deputy President at the November 2014 Annual General Meeting. A discussion concerning the external review, and its recommendations occurred in the context of implementation of the main findings. The three year review of the NRAS was discussed, noting the report will be finalised by April. An overview of the work being undertaken by the Prevocational Standards Accreditation Committee was provided, noting the review of standards of internship and assessment.

A report from the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer was noted and included the appointments of the National Health & Medical Research Council members for the next Triennium 2015-18; the National Diabetes Strategy; Medicare Reform consultation; the development of the National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy; Primary Health Networks and the Budget Measure concerning rebuilding general practice. Members raised a concern in relation to the scope of consultation concerning Medicare reforms and the importance of broadening the process.

A report was received from the National Health & Medical Research Council which was noted by members and included the process of recognising Australian centres that excel in research; the outcomes from the Research Translation Faculty held on 12-13 November, 2014; the boost to funding dementia research announced on 8 January 2015 which aims to support fellows to undertake research in this area; the examination of the effectiveness of homeopathy and finalisation of a plain language summary of the assessment. An overview of the NHMRC Grant Application Round Summary was provided.

A report was received from the Medical Board of Australia with Dr Flynn noting the release of the AHPRA Annual Report 2013/14. Dr Flynn noted the continuing work to develop a Good Practice Guidance document for the assessment of specialist IMGs and welcomed further College input accordingly. The Board has commissioned an external research group to deliver a report on revalidation, noting the report provided by CPMC on this matter which Dr Flynn acknowledged as useful. The MBA’s new approach to international criminal history checks were discussed in addition to improving the practitioner experience of notifications.

A report was received from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

A report was received from the Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand which noted a new collaboration with the Australian Medical Council concerning assessment; the MSOD dataset; and the impact on possible reforms to higher education.

Members received Drs Andrew Wilson and Anne-Marie Feyer to discuss the COAG Review of Medical Intern Training, noting the consultation process and discussion paper timelines.

Members met with the Hon. Catherine King, MP, shadow spokesperson on health concerning policy issues relevant to Australia’s health and education sectors.

Reports were received from the CPMC Education Committee and Indigenous Health sub-committee.

Members discussed the policy issue concerning asylum seekers. Members approved the nomination of Dr Ian Civil to the Australian Medical Council’s Specialist Education Accreditation Committee.

The members elected Professor Nicholas Talley as the Chair-elect, to commence his role in November, 2015.

The next meeting will be held on May 14, 2015 at Parliament House in Canberra.