COVID-19 Communique – 2 April 2020

College Presidents and CEOs met via video technology to discuss issues and challenges in relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic noting a shift to suppression but with caution.

Department of Health Update legislation was introduced to support the rollout of the enhanced telehealth access plan; decision on elective surgery; information on the PPE procurement plan to augment the national stockpile and release of a private hospitals utilisation plan to support surge capacity.

Australian Medical Council Professor Kate Leslie, AO, Chair of the Specialist Accreditation Education Committee of the AMC provided advice on the approach the AMC will take to addressing College accreditation secondary to COVID19 as permitted under the National Law. CPMC to consider structure of submissions required to notify short term changes.

New Zealand Update from the Presidents located in NZ, the RACP, RANZCR, RCPA and ACEM focussed on PPE, activity and suppression of the pandemic curve. Information sharing continued between CPMC and the MCNZ, CMC NZ and Ministry of Health NZ.

Medical Board of Australia / AHPRA statement regarding the Pandemic Sub-Register recognising recently registered personnel to be announced 6 April. The flexibility in meeting CPD requirements was discussed in the context of permitted flexibility.

CPMC Chair Update Dr Jenkins advised of the establishment of a primary care interest group and mental health wellbeing project convened by the Commonwealth.

College Presidents noted

  • Enhanced Access to Medicare subsidised Telehealth Colleges noted the staged roll out of the MBS Telehealth plan and the need for a broader communication strategy to allow for the public takeup.
  • Point of Care Testing RCPA urging caution on rapid tests.
  • The Academy of Medical Royal College statement of trainee redeployment during the COVID19 pandemic was discussed in the context of relevance to Australia. All Colleges updated on Trainee management, College management and sustainability planning. CPMC to develop a redeployment plan.
  • Mental Health Resources update with the development of a set of materials to be made available to all Colleges.

Released by Dr Kym Jenkins, CPMC Chair

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