CPMC – April 2021

Presidents of Australia’s specialist Medical Colleges met for the 151st meeting of Council to focus on providing updates on the COVID19 pandemic from government and Colleges with a special focus on discussing trainee welfare and the situation update concerning examinations.
CPMC Chair Dr Kym Jenkins noted the situation on the novel coronavirus in Australia and overseas with an increase of 5 newly confirmed cases (oversea acquired) and no new deaths; however globally there had been approximately 133,766,000 new cases and 2,899,999 deaths reported. CPMC noted the cumulative total of over 1.5M persons across Australia having received vaccination to-date including the importance of also having the annual Fluvax. Presidents noted the intention to bring forward vaccinations for Priority Group 2a.
College Presidents noted with appreciation the increase in support by AUSMAT Bravo to 20 persons on the ground to support Papua New Guinea’s health care workers and the country’s efforts to build capacity and rollout vaccines.
CPMC continues to work in partnership with the Australian Medical Council and the Commonwealth Department of Health in the conduct of the CPMC project examining the impact of COVID on training medical specialists in Australia. All College Presidents received a detailed presentation on the project and its findings to-date with a discussion on potential policy recommendations to be made from the CPMC Education and Medical Workforce Subcommittee. The CPMC aspect of the Training Review project is to be finalised by 30 June with sharing of the research to occur from May 2021.
All College Presidents discussed the impact that training, examinations and assessment can have on trainees’ health and wellbeing. They acknowledged the additional workloads that many trainees have faced over the past year, which has resulted in additional stress and CPMC has aligned with relevant partners to assist in mental health and wellbeing. All Colleges remain committed to progressing trainees to Fellowship and to do so within COVID capabilities. Colleges have enacted mechanisms to minimise disruption as much as possible. The change in workload and additional activity for trainees, examiners and College staff was noted with appreciation.
The next CPMC meeting with Profession Observers and all Colleges is scheduled for 19-20 May 2021.
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