November 2018

The Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges met on Thursday 15th November 2018 at the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Governor Macquarie Tower, Sydney at 9am. CPMC Chair Dr Philip Truskett AM, opened the meeting and acknowledged the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation as the traditional owners. He also noted the importance of the forum for its benefits in collaboration and information sharing. New College Presidents were welcomed.

Professor Jill Sewell AM, President Australian Medical Council, noted the invitation by the Specialist Education Accreditation Committee (SEAC) to CPMC to submit nominations to the Recognition of Medical Specialists Sub-Committee; the recently released final report by the independent review of national accreditation systems, and the AMC review of the National Framework for Medical Internship being conducted on behalf of the Medical Board of Australia and the consultation and revisions to documents in 2019.

Professor Brendan Murphy Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer noted the National Medical Training Advisory Network (NMTAN) intention to discuss the More Doctors for Rural Australia project; the work underway to combat syphilis in Indigenous populations in Northern Australia, and the HTLV-1 policy development process, along with the development of action plans for chronic conditions and the forthcoming National Rural Summit focusing on specialist training to be led by Senator the Hon. Bridget McKenzie focus on post graduate training and remote locations.

Dr Anne Tonkin Chair of the Medical Board of Australia focused on the current situation with regards to the Professional Performance Framework (PPF) noting it was in progress with implementation, advisory, and older practitioners Working Groups; the publication of the Amended Medical Specialties guidelines and the intention to start at the renewal cycle to do the National Training Survey. The consultations on the National Law amendment: 1A have been approved by Health Ministers. The issue of linking Tribunal results to disciplinary decisions was noted.

The Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association noted the NMTAN report concerning specialist trainees in the medical workforce, the collaboration project with James Cook University concerning doctors who have discontinued their program and cultural safety training to occur in 2019.

The Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare Quality and Safety standards are to be introduced in Jan 2019 and will include strengthening governance, cultural safety, professional behaviours, mental health, cognitive impairment, considered as core to the way in which hospitals will be funded in the future. The framework for clinical trials is aiming to make Australia more competitive for clinical trials and the concerns were noted regarding duplication of ethics approval processes by hospitals rather than accepting the National HREC approval as causing significant delays and costs particularly in relation to registries.

The Medical Deans of Australia & New Zealand noted the importance of the Regional Training Summit (19 Nov); the Medical Students Outcome Database and the work underway to understand aspects. MDANZ is collaborating with AIDA and LIME as part of the Indigenous Knowledge Initiative to develop a workshop.

The Confederation Postgraduate Medical Education Council focused on the training pipeline and AMC initial oversight of the intern space along with Career Medical Officers (CMO) and CPD Homes.

The Australian Medical Students Association discussed the National University Mental Health Framework along with student issues.

Professor Paul Worley, National Rural Health Commissioner discussed the development of a pathway to meet the service delivery requirements of state jurisdictions and the community needs for accessing appropriately skilled and qualified medical practitioners in rural and regional Australia.

Prof Bruce Robinson, Chair MBS Taskforce updated on the review of the schedule, the committees, and next steps to produce a report in mid-March 2019 for the Health Minister.

Commonwealth representatives provided an overview and discussed the development of the National Medical Workforce Strategy with reference to existing data tools. Council members then discussed strategic issues of Indigenous health, rural health, CPD, education, accreditation and regulation, private health insurance, and the STP.

All Colleges were provided with a copy of the Concussion in Sport Position Statement by the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians.

The next meeting of the Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges is scheduled for Thursday 28th February 2019 at the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, Melbourne.

For more information contact Ms Angela Magarry, Chief Executive