September 2020

Dr Kym Jenkins, Chair, CPMC opened the 140th meeting for Directors, College Presidents and CEOs at 6pm on Thursday 17th September 2020 (the 24th since February) acknowledging the traditional owners of the lands upon which the meeting is held. College Presidents, CEOs and guests continued remembering Dr Harry Nespolon, and welcomed the incoming RACGP President Dr Karen Price. Changes in Directors were noted with the Board thanking ACRRM President A/Professor Ewen McPhee who concludes his term along with A/Professor Heather Mack RANZCO President. CPMC welcomed new Directors in Dr Sarah Chalmers (ACRRM) and Professor Nitin Verma.
College Presidents extended their appreciation to all health care workers across Australia and New Zealand, and in particular to all those currently practicing in the state of Victoria.
CPMC noted the coronavirus global case numbers at 30,181,110; progress in the staged development of a COVID vaccine and advisories by CEPI; participation by the CEO in several international seminars (WHO GOARN) and Australian Government updates by the Chief Medical Officers on the prevalence and management of the disease; and the regular reports from the Australian National Incident Room as well as those from the NZ Ministry of Health.
CPMC policy project Effecting Reforms in Australia’s Medical Training System Post COVID continues to progress with targeted key stakeholder consultations to commence in late September. The expectation is the project will report in March-April 2021. See more at:
The Australian Department of Health reported on the intention to carefully examine the changes made by specialist Medical Colleges for future medical workforce planning purposes. CPMC CEO will do an ACHSM webinar on 14 October outlining the impact COVID has had on the system of medical training in Australia. Register at:
The New Zealand based Colleges noted the upcoming general election, partial lockdown, and advised of the concerning rise in mental health presentations, access block, and reduction in community seeking treatment for ongoing health conditions.
Dr Mary Pinder, President College for Intensive Care Medicine noted in the event of a resurgence of COVID nationally, preparations were underway to address structural issues associated with the provision of equipment, adequate PPE and training.
A/Professor Ewen McPhee provided the primary care, rural and remote update raising the concerns relating to under supplies of doctors given the border control affecting rotations, and access for persons seeking treatment.
College Presidents agreed on the importance of maintaining the focus on wellbeing, noting the Chair’s regular participation in a focused seminar hosted by the AMA Council of Doctors in Training and Deputy Chief Medical Officer. The RANZCP webinar on ‘physician wellness in the era of COVID19 presented by Dr Michael Myers, Clinical Psychiatry Professor in New York, on Wednesday 30 Sept at 8am (AEST). This is open to all medical professionals, register at:
The College of Surgeons discussed elective surgery, exams, and raised the need for a discussion on Conflict of Interest policy with respect to Clinical Advisory Group Clinicians.
The next formal meeting is scheduled for 15th October 2020
Contact: Angela Magarry, CPMC Chief Executive
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