2020 Federal Budget

The Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges welcomes the Federal Government’s $16 billion investment into the health sector with further stimulus measures focussed on protecting the economy into the future.

Dr Kym Jenkins, Chair, CPMC said “the continuity of investment into the Australian health care system to manage the disruptive impact from COVID-19 pandemic is critical to ensure system sustainability and quality.” Further, “the Federal Budget outlines a series of measures which will continue structural reform to strengthen Medicare, support hospitals and finance essential COVID-19 response capacity through pathology testing, respiratory clinics and the MBS telehealth services.”

Dr Jenkins said the $1.1 billion investment to a COVID vaccine is welcome, noting the importance of ensuring equity in access for all Australians to a vaccine when it becomes available.

CPMC supports the four-year $4 billion investment into indigenous health to build on the partnership work occurring with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to improve outcomes in ending avoidable deafness, blindness and kidney disease, and to promoting better access to primary and specialist services generally. The $408M funding to respond to COVID-19 and urgent issues identified by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is also welcomed.

Dr Jenkins said CPMC welcomed the Australian Government’s $5.7 billion investment into mental health with a doubling of the support under Better Access and elevating mental health and suicide prevention to a national priority. However, a greater focus and recognition of the mental health care needs of those with severe mental illness is required; as is the value of investing in the mental health of 0-14 year old persons.

Dr Jenkins said that each individual specialist Medical College will have an opportunity to closely examine the Budget and report on it from their specialty field.

Media Contacts: Dr Kym Jenkins, Chair CPMC via Ms Angela Magarry 0437227422

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