Australia Needs to Consider a Tax on Sugary Drinks

The Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges welcomes the announcement by the British Government to introduce a sugar-levy from 2018 which will tax at a higher rate drinks with more than eight grams of sugar per 100 millilitres.   CPMC notes this tax was a key recommendation from the UK Obesity Summit held in April this year.

The Chair of CPMC, Laureate Professor Nicholas Talley has called on the Australian Government to do the same.

Professor Talley said “Australia has an obesity crisis and we know that being overweight increases the risk of chronic ill-health such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.”

Australia’s medical professionals are concerned about the impact sugary drinks add to the rising rate of obesity in the community.

Professor Talley said “One way to reduce the rate of obesity is to reduce the calories in our diets. We know sugary drinks and can lead to obesity. We support the WHO recommendation to limit sugar to a maximum of 40-50 grams per day.

CPMC is working on a policy to assist the clinical management of obesity and will launch that in 2016.


Media Contacts: Ms Angela Magarry, CPMC CEO on 043 722 7422