Australian Medical Regulation Must Remain Independent

The Australian Government has released the report from a review of accreditation systems within the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for Health Professions. The report  recommends increased government control over health professional education and training through the removal of the independence of the regulator.

Professor Nicholas Talley, Chair of the Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges called for caution in any consideration of an accreditation structure which seeks to increase the role of government in the setting of standards, policies and procedures affecting the education and training of Australia’s medical profession.

Professor Talley said the report from the review made a poor case for change to the current system of medical regulation. He said “Australia’s medical education and training sector is a trusted and respected model of regulation.”

Professor Talley said “the objectives of the National Registration and Accreditation scheme, in particular the protection of the public through the provision of high quality education and training and rigorous assessment of standards, will not be met by the recommendations of this review”.

CPMC is concerned that the options set out in the report will result in additional tiers of bureaucracy and increased cost.

CPMC recommends further discussion takes place to ensure any recommendations arising from the review continue to include independence of the regulator and protection to the public.

Media contacts:

Professor Nicholas Talley on (02) 4921 5855
or via CPMC Secretariat on (02) 6282 8269