Removing Independence in Medical and Nursing Accreditation Opposed

The Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges, the Australian College of Nursing and Council of Procedural Specialists strongly oppose the Australian Health Ministers directive to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to set up a new government committee to advise the National Boards on the standards of educating and training Australia’s medical and nursing professions. Of concern, there is no guarantee the medical and nursing professions will be adequately represented on this government committee. 

“The National Medical and Nursing Boards currently set the standards expected for the assessment of education and training competencies for medicine and nursing. This is a trusted and respected model of accreditation and is seen by other countries as the gold standard,” said Dr Kym Jenkins, Chair, Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges. 

“Australia has a world class health system that delivers very good outcomes for patients because of a highly skilled health workforce that is responsive to community need and committed to innovation and continuous improvement. Medicine and nursing are excellent examples,” said Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward, CEO, Australian College of Nursing. 

“There is no compelling case to support oversight by a new committee that if implemented would lead to more bureaucracy, higher costs and undermine the independent, profession led arrangements and standards that have served Australia very well,” said Associate Professor David Scott OAM, Chairman Council of Procedural Specialists. 

Australia’s doctors and nurses are authorised to provide care and treatment services by the trust of the Australian community. 

The Australian government has relied upon the expertise of the medical and nursing professions to guide its response to the pandemic. The decision to create an independent accreditation committee that does not adequately represent these professions risks undermining the confidence of the public and health professions alike in accreditation arrangements and may endanger the safety of the Australian community. We oppose it. 


CPMC: Ms Angela Magarry 0437227422 

Australian College of Nursing: Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward 0412410011 

Council of Procedural Specialists: Mr Stephen Milgate AM 0425283411